8 Great Ideas To Save For A Home Loan Deposit
We're hearing a lot lately about how this is a good time for first-time buyers to get into the market. The reason behind this is
Home Loans for the Self-Employed
It will be tougher to apply for a home loan when you are a sole proprietor, a self-employed professional, a contract worker, or a small
Compare Home Loans in South Africa
Purchasing a home will be one of your life’s major decisions that may prove to be either a sound investment or a big liability.
What Types of Home Loans are Available in South Africa?
South African banks, that offer home loans, have different types of home loans to choose from. The different options give you a wider selection to
What are Secured Home Loans?
A house is one of the biggest purchases an individual can make in a lifetime, and before entering a contract, one needs to understand the
The Process of Refinancing Home Loans
Refinancing a home loan is determined by several factors, such as available interest rates, current financial situation, plans for a long-term stay in the home,

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Does South Africa Have Deposit-Free Home Loans?
Deposit-free home loans are also known as loan-to-value (LTV) bonds, which are currently offered by most banks in South Africa. The banks offer 100 percent
Benefits of Online Application for Home Loans
The digital age has given accessibility to almost anything, anywhere in the world. Information can be quickly acquired, applied, or accessed with a simple flick
The 5 Steps Involved To Get Pre-Approved Home Loans
With pre-approved home loans, the home buyer gets a certificate from a mortgage originator or a bank. This certificate serves as an indication what amount